Competitions or Hackathon

I am a big lover of onsite hackathons, but I am unable to join in any offline hackathons because to covid 19. However, I did participate in few online hackathon.

🎥 Filmmaking & Animation

I make films covering a variety of topics. I developed a short film to promote afforestation and placed second in the General Championship at IIT Kharagpur. I also try to simulate virtual Varanasi.


Banaras - Virtual Varanasi

📸 Photography

coming soon …

Position of Responsibility



Recently I attended the following conferences:


Architecture is a love-hate relationship for me. Architecture, in my opinion, is a field that, at its core, is as bizarre as poetry or music, but has been relegated to the status of real estate make-up. I have no plans to pursue the field in the manner it is now practised, but I do see the importance of architectural design practise in all of my works. For my undergrad thesis (to be completed by July 2022), I am designing the ‘AI Innovation and Accleration Center’ that will encapsulate everything I’ve learned so far.

Previous work
I’ve worked on a lot of studio design projects in the past. You can find some of my project in the link below

Architectural Projects